Service Idea

Zhejiang Yidong Electric Motor Co.,Ltd. pursues to provide customers with 100% satisfactory service. The professional service team is composed of regular training and assessment, comprehensive technical personnel, and has a perfect after-sales service system. Focus on customers, focus on customers' needs, and worry about customers' needs. Products and services are integrated. Selling products is selling services. Where customers are, our services will be there. Respect and understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customers' expectations, and become customers' permanent partners, while providing standard services, to provide customers with better services, which is the service concept we have always adhered to and advocated. Based on customer relationship management, improve marketing channels, optimize service processes, improve service means, meet customer needs with efficient services, and create high efficiency for enterprises.

Marketing Network

The progress of science and technology and excellent equipment provide the most powerful guarantee for the product quality, which makes the product sales network growing. Always put the interests of customers first, and strive to improve the customer service system while constantly improving quality products. With strong technical force, excellent product quality and advanced marketing network, our products have made great achievements in China. Establish a market system based on the domestic market and expanding to the global market. We will continue to pursue and surpass, and open up the next milestone.

Online Feedback

If you have any business and technical requirements, please let us know through the information collection function below. To ensure that we have timely and correct feedback, please make sure to fill in the correct email address and other corresponding information.

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