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How to select three-phase asynchronous motor
Yidong Motor2020-05-25Browse 58 times
The three-phase asynchronous motor is the main load in our industrial and agricultural production, and it is also one of the main loads in the power grid. Then the selection of motor mainly depends on the following aspects:

The first point is to select the appropriate type of motor from the aspects of starting, speed regulation and control waiting; For example, if we use it as a hoisting motor, we can choose wound asynchronous motor, because the starting current of this motor is small and the rotation is huge, so it is suitable for use in this field.

The second point is to select the motor to see whether it can meet the needs of the load, the general power should not be too large, but also pay attention to the motor should have a certain overload capacity, to ensure that the short-term overload can be normal operation.

The third point is that when selecting the motor, we'd better choose the cage type asynchronous motor when the motor capacity and speed are the same; when the continuous operation and load rate are high, we'd better choose the high efficiency motor.

The fourth point is that if the multi-speed requirements are needed for the driving platform, it is better to choose single winding multi speed asynchronous motor according to the different production requirements and environmental conditions. Reasonable selection of structure type, protection grade and ventilation type.
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