Company Profile

Zhejiang Yidong Electric Motor Co.,Ltd. is a large and medium-sized motor enterprise specializing in manufacturing, sales and service. The company mainly produces various models YE2, YE3, YD, MS, YS, YEJ, YVF2, YCT, YC/YCL, YL, ML/MY and other series of single three-phase motors, aluminum shell motors, YXTY three-phase rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motors, YED AC permanent magnet servo motors, YB3 series of explosion-proof motors and others Special motors, etc., while producing all kinds of pipeline pumps, sewage pumps and other products. At present, there are more than 300 supporting manufacturers and direct selling points in China. The company regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, has advanced process equipment, uses advanced design software for product design, strictly manages production in accordance with ISO9001 international quality system, and greatly improves the development speed and success rate of new products.

In the process of development for many years, build a customer-centric marketing network, and the products sell well all over the country. Since the product has been put into the market, it has been well received by the majority of consumers. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us and create brilliant future together.

We are committed to the spirit of innovation, perfect technical means, efficient operation, positive forward enterprise belief, and loyal service attitude. We will be sold to the world.

Production Workshop

If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. Yidong has been improving our tools to win the market. Build a clean, spacious and orderly production workshop in the modern plant area, introduce international advanced production equipment and technology, and form the best integrated assembly line. Based on the principle of design and R&D as the priority, the integration of product technology, tooling, design and manufacturing has been strengthened, and very good results have been achieved. Strict control of each key production link not only improves the technical level of the enterprise, but also ensures the quality of the product, ultimately expands the competitive advantage and wins the market.

Certificate Of Honor

The quality of things is strong, and the quality of people. Here, every staff has a rigorous working attitude, they regard product quality as their life, pursue not to manufacture, not to let go, not to accept the working state of each defective product, this kind of quality consciousness deeply rooted in the heart is the guarantee of product quality. We always put the interests of customers first, and strive to improve the customer service system while constantly improving high-quality products.

Corporate Culture

To survive with quality, to develop with science and technology, to cooperate with friends in the industry with high-quality products and perfect services to create a better future. In many companies, culture may be just a loud slogan hanging on the wall. In Yidong, culture has long been a spirit flowing in every inch of the blood vessels of the enterprise, and a belief from the heart of every employee. The ever-growing culture is becoming an important guarantee of team execution and an inexhaustible driving force for the company's continuous growth.

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